Artists on Location: Leland Fishtown, Ciccone Vineyards, and 9 Bean Rows Farmstead

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Artists will kick off Paint Grand Traverse week exploring two iconic settings on Leelanau Peninsula, and will be on location painting from 9:00am - 4:00pm. Spectators are encouraged to watch the artists work!

Ciccone Vineyard and Winery
Established in 1996 and located between Traverse City and Suttons Bay, Ciccone Vineyard and Winery features sweeping views of West Grand Traverse Bay, rolling hills, vineyards, and a restored barn with great character. Wine is available for purchase in the European-style tasting room, and our friendly Paint Grand Traverse ambassadors will be on hand to help direct you to the artists! Tasting room opens at 11:00am. Visit website.

Leland Fishtown
Leland is a small village on the west coast of Leelanau County, and Fishtown is its historic fishing district. You'll find weathered fishing shanties, smokehouses, overhanging docks, fish tugs and charter boats along the Leland River. Once the heart of a commercial fishing village, the structures and docks are real places where people can walk through, see and feel a connection to Lake Michigan’s fishing heritage.

9 Bean Rows Farmstead
9 Bean Rows is an award-winning restaurant and bakery, which sources many of its ingredients and produce from its own beautiful farmstead, located between Suttons Bay and Lake Leelanau. Visit website.


    How to Purchase Paint Grand Traverse Artwork

    If you see a painting in progress that you just have to have, be sure to grab a ticket to the Paint Grand Traverse Gala on Saturday, August 18! The Gala is your one and only chance to view and shop the artwork created during the week of Paint Grand Traverse. Tickets $20 ($50 for a special preview hour), and go on sale June 1. Buy tickets.

    Who's Painting Where on Monday - Daytime

    Artists have the option to work at multiple locations during a day and do not have a set schedule, but here's our best guess on where you can catch your favorites!

    9 Bean Rows Farm & Sunflower Field
    T.J Lick
    Adam Vanhouten
    Kevin Menck
    Brian Goff
    Alan Maciag
    Aimee Erickson
    Joanna Arnett
    Denise I Dunn
    Kathleen Hudson
    Cedar Kindy
    John Caggiano
    Kathleen Newman
    Suzie Baker
    Colleen Shull
    Justin Shull

    Ciccone Vineyard
    Cal Kemppinen
    Elizabeth Polly
    Jane Ditri
    Louise Pond
    Barbara Reich
    Sheila Wissner
    Bob Perrish
    Mark Shasha
    Kathie Wheeler
    Kristin Hosbein
    Kurt Anderson
    Lori Feldpausch
    Rick Koehler

    Leland Fishtown
    Troy Kilgore
    Kathleen Kalinowski
    Carol Struck Wasson
    Joani Braun
    Gary Cooley
    Debra Joy Groesser
    Bill Suys
    Jill Wagner
    Sharon Will
    Chuck Marshall
    Margie Guyot
    Brian Sindler
    Jim Dewildt
    Kevin Barton
    Lyn Boyer


    Fishtown Leland