Workshop: A Day of Plein Air with George Van Hook

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$130 members / $160 non-members
by George Van Hook

Join 2019 Paint Grand Traverse awards juror, George Van Hook for a plein air workshop:

"As a group, we will begin with a discussion of tools and materials, and, as I paint a demo for the class, I will introduce concepts of composition, color relationships, values and temperature. Then we will all paint together until a break for lunch. I will provide individual instruction during this time. Following a break, I will provide another demonstration painting, trying to more specifically address any issues that arise from the morning. Again we will paint as a group until 3:30, and will devote the last segment to a group critique. Should people wish, I will continue to paint with the group into the early evening. I have found that this relaxed, no pressure period is often the most enjoyable part of the day."

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