About the Artist
Based in
Marshfield, MA

I can always remember having a drawing tool in my hand, my need to see through drawing was important to me. My fascination for color and how it could change the mood and feeling of a moment in time came with my love for painting. Moving to Boston after college in the early 80’s, I continued painting and drawing at Mass College of Art and Design and at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Today I am an art educator and a painter who balances her time between teaching and growing as an artist. “My work is derived from observing my natural surroundings, interpretation is contemporary realism with an expressive style. Whether it is the glorious hues of an evening sky or the interesting play of water reflections, I react and respond with painting as my voice”.

During this journey I have earned the level of Eminent Membership from the International Association of Pastel Societies in November 2018 and received this honor during the IAPS convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico, June, 2019. My paintings have been shown in museums and galleries throughout the U.S. in national and international juried exhibitions and are in private collections across the country. Memberships include International Association of Pastel Societies Eminent Pastelist, Pastel Society of America Signature, Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod and Connecticut Pastel Society Signature Memberships.


Recent Articles and Publications include: 

Southwest Art Magazine , "Artist To Watch" 2018

November Issue, 2019 American Art Collectors Magazine, April Issue 2019, "Artist Focus"

Pure Pastel, "Contemporary Works By Today’s Top Artists" - HardCover Edition -Publication date Feb. 2019

Boston Voyager on-line interview and publication, Sept. 2018


Meet the Artist

What has plein air painting taught you about yourself? Take time to really observe the situation in which you are painting; temperature, climate, mood. As a painter, I have trained myself to keep things simple, use a limited palette, which keeps my work fresh and also captures those first initial feelings of the scene. Take in a big breath, observe, then paint!

What is the furthest you have traveled for your art/plein air? San Miguel, Mexico

Can you share a fond, or unusual, memory of plein air painting? Painting locally always creates new memories for me, living on the East Coast in New England gives me so many opportunities for painting.

What is a recent thing that you painted or drew a picture of? Dunes of the Atlantic.

What is your favorite plein air subject, location or time of the year to plein air paint? This time of year there is not much going color- wise on, so I go to the beach for energy and inspiration.

What is something that looks fun that you want to try? Actually, I always wanted to try sculpture. I have extensive training with the human form and want to see where that could take my work.