Farley Lewis

About the Artist
Based in
Springfield, MO

After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Farley Lewis started and ran a sign shop and graphic design studio, which evolved into murals, and did mural work for Bass Pro Shops for 15 years. He narrowed his focus to landscape painting in January of 2018. In the first two years as a full-time landscape artist he competed in nine plein air events, winning awards in eight of them, including three Best of Shows. Working in the studio and plein air, Farley also teaches painting classes and workshops. He lives with his amazing wife Kelly in Springfield, Missouri.

Artist's Statement

 “I like to paint beauty wherever I find it – not only in the grand and beautiful places but in the ordinary corners of our world. Beauty has a power to refresh the weary, inspire greatness and stir a sleeping heart awake. As an artist I want to find and express the beauty around me, capturing for others what captured me, in hopes that I can pass along the fire that stirred in my heart as I stood in that place. I especially enjoy painting light and atmosphere, and those scenes where man and nature cross paths, recreating the rhythm between organic and manmade.”