Jessie Rasche

Jessie Rasche

About the Artist
Based in
Brookings, SD

Jessie Rasche grew up in Seattle, WA where she spent much of her childhood in her mom’s community of artists, watching their art-making techniques. This early experience nurtured her love of art-making, and gave her an admiration for artistic skill. Rasche studied at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, and later earned a bachelors’ degree in Psychology from the University of Oregon.

Ten years ago Jessie moved to South Dakota with her family, and began focusing her artwork on groups of animals in wide-open landscapes, which reflect her love for the beautiful land around her and her spiritual interest in the connection between living things. 

Rasche is an internationally collected painter with 9 paintings in public collections, and her artwork has been published in several magazines and newspapers. Jessie is an exhibiting member of Oil Painters of America and an award-winning member of the American Impressionist Society. In addition to painting full time, Jessie teaches online drawing and painting workshops for artists and art groups.



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