Neil Walling

About the Artist
Based in
Bonita Springs, FL and Suttons Bay, MI

"When we look at a piece of representational art there is never a doubt about whether it came to be as a result of an accident versus being created by an artist. Many times you can even tell which artist did the painting without looking for a signature. There is a “stylistic” signature in the quality of the work. Its colors, values, drawing and composition speak to the creative sensitivities of the artist that created it."

"My goal is the same with each painting. I want to create a piece of work that is true to my “stylistic signature” and that captures the essence of a natural scene. I have done over 500 plein aire paintings as a basis for my studio work. They are the foundation upon which each painting is built. The final painting can be very representative or very abstracted. In the end, it should move the viewer and stir a memory that resonates in their soul."