Trish Morgan

Trish Morgan

About the Artist
Based in
Charlevoix, MI

"I graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design with a BFA in Illustration.  After a few years in the commercial art field, I moved back to my hometown of Charlevoix, Michigan to pursue a career as a watercolor artist.  The past years have been spent entering shows, competitions and studying with renowned watercolor artists in the United States and Europe.  My watercolors have been accepted into the Michigan Watercolor Society, Georgia Watercolor Society, Louisiana Watercolor Society and the Transparent Watercolor Society of America’s annual juried exhibitions with many awards and recognitions, culminating in a 1st place national award in 2008.  I am also proud to have exhibited at the prestigious Charlevoix Waterfront Art Fair for over 25 years."

"My most recent work has expanded to include plein air works in both oil and watercolor, painting locally with three different plein air groups during the summer and entering various paint-out competitions that have resulted in numerous awards and sales."

"My approach to painting, no matter the medium, is a quest to take ordinary subject matter and render it memorable.  My imagery is chosen usually for light and shadow—I enjoy the way sunlight falls across architecture, reflects in unexpected areas and creates wonderfully-shaped and colorful shadows that are pleasingly linked in a cohesive design."


Meet the Artist


What has plein air painting taught you about yourself?

Plein air painting has taught me how to observe my surroundings in a more analytical way, but at the same time absorbing the feeling, sights, smells and sounds of a place.


What is the furthest you have traveled for your art/plein air?

My furthest travel to paint was to Provence, France. In one small town as we were setting up, an older man opened up his light blue shutters, placed a vase of overflowing peonies on his window sill and proceeded to eat a loaf of french bread while reading his newspaper. I thought I had died and went to heaven.


Can you share a fond, or unusual, memory of plein air painting?

Besides my Provence experience, I was painting up in Cross Village with my back to the edge of a pond. I suddenly felt eyes on me and turned around to see 6" from my ankles, quite a big turtle. Didn't know if he had been about to strike or if he was just curious, but I moved my spot. 


What is a recent thing that you painted or drew a picture of?

The last thing I painted was a porch from a Victorian house, whose yard and stone walkway was filled with flowers. It was for an exhibition about Mackinac Island.


What is your favorite plein air subject, location or time of the year to plein air paint?

Anything rustic - barns, stone buildings, farms - with flowers and vines is my favorite thing to paint. And I have to pick summer as my favorite time, as yearly I make plans to go out regularly every winter, and never do.


What is something that looks fun that you want to try?

I have actually been learning to play the drums and find it very challenging, but a lot of fun!