Allen Kriegshauser

About the Artist
Based in
Kirkwood, MO

ALLEN KRIEGSHAUSER is a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute.  He is a nationally known painter particularly for expressive use of color, bold directional brush strokes and appealing compositions.  He was a featured artist in “Plein Air Magazine” and “Arts in America”, on PBS and other publications.

For the last 20 years he has actively competed in 6-9 Plein Air Events around the country each year.  Recently during the pandemic he has worked primarily in his Kirkwood studio working on developing larger pieces.

Artist's Statement

“I never met a color I didn’t like so my challenge is to make them harmonize.  I prefer to paint directly from life with deep defined shadows created by a strong light source.  I choose scenes with the potential for movement through composition.  My interest is in the process with the final image evolving from the process.   When selecting a subject, I look for the overall visual stimulation to provide a vehicle for a new and interesting creative experience.  I view the entire painting process as abstract, leaving the subject to take a back seat to the process.“