Pint-Size Paint Out Awards

2020 Pint-Size Paint Out Awards

Thank you to our generous award sponsors, Richard and Susan Bingham
And to event sponsor, Edward Jones of Traverse City
Each award recipient will receive $25

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Age Category 
0-5 years old

The Seurat Award

Seurat Award

Ethan Ball, "Flowers with Polka Dots"
This painting receives the Seurat Award for innovative use of pointillism in a landscape.  
The artist has a most interesting perspective of the landscape...up close and personal.


The  Michelangelo Award

Michelangelo Award

Artist Unknown, "Untitled"
The use of human figure within a landscape design.  
Perspective again is interesting as we float above and look down on the happy people below enjoying themselves in this beach scene.

The Van Gogh Award

Van Gogh Award

Owen, "Alien Green"
Using a limited palette, this artist concentrated on value and movement.  The eye can't help but enjoy the raucous feeling of a windy day.


The Monet Award

Monet Award

Lyra Graetz, "The Best Place Ever"
This piece captures the reflections of the surrounding woods, tree, clouds and light as the artist Monet had done.


Honorable Mentions


Honorable Mention

Owen Reid, "Beachity Day"
This artist is giving us their version of windswept waves punctuated by a single solitary tree that withstands the turbulence.  Great work!



Reid Lindenmayer, "Beach Site"
Varying degrees of light and dark look soft and warm...just like the summer day this artist is portraying.  Well done!

Age Category 
6-11 years old

Most Detailed Botanical Award

Blooming Flowers

Julia Brady "Blooming Flowers"  
The viewer can just smell the flowers.


Most Interesting Brush Work Award

Most detailed brush work

Arden Graetz, "Woods at Camp"
The viewer can actually hear the woods in this panting and it is very quiet indeed.


Most Interesting Perspective Award

Interesting Perspective

Landon Ball, "Green Plant with Fall Leaves"
From the eyes of an ant at ground level, we see a very colorful and beautiful garden.


Abstract Landscape

Abstract Landscape

Esch Graetz, "Strictly Simple"
Working with a limited palette, the artist uses bold simple shapes and design to depict the beauty of the Lake Michigan Shoreline.


Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mention

Willow Finn, "Flower Bridge"  
Beautiful colors and dramatic use of lines to draw the eye to contrast with the warm flowers. Dramatic.


Central Grade School

Beatrix Batdorf, "Blue Sky at Central Grade School"  
This painting covers the canvas with bright colors and the design keeps the eye moving in the picture plane. Brilliant.


Dune Jump

Rhys, "Dune Jumps"  
This picture captures the dunes and all its glory of sights and fun, real and imagined. Well done.


Calm Birch Trees

Amelia Fletcher, "Calm Lake with Birches"  
Simple horizontal lines help the artist to achieve that calm mood. The foreground birches add just the right counterpoint. What a respite.

Age Category 
11-15 years old


Realistic Composition Award 

Bowers Vineyard

Cora Pahucki, "Bower's Harbor Vineyard"  
Even though the artist uses a cool palette, there is a warmth to the light that depicts a warm summer day.


Best Botanical Award

Best Botanical

Gavin Graetz, "Ghost Flower Illustration"  
The artist's decision to limit the palette and gradually decrease the value as you go up, draws the eye and the image keeps you centered in the picture, wanting to examine the details.


Creative Use of Color Award

Creative Use of Color

Grace Salminen, "A Summer's Day at Grandma's"  
There is a lot of color throughout this work.  The birdbath with a bit of red is just the right exclamation point.


Innovative Technique Award


Karis Wolff, "Untitled
By choosing a circular canvas, the artist invites the viewer to stay awhile in the painting as we tour the scene. The strong color values, shapes and images hold our attention.


Honorable Mentions


Amelia Lawens, "Untitled"  
Cool colors of the door and shrubbery contrast with the earth tones of the walk and wall.  
The viewer is getting a direct invitation to enter by the placement of that doorway.  Nicely done.



Amelia, "Esch to Empire"  
What a great abstract of the bluff, water and sky elements!  The mix of diagonal, horizontal and dotted brushstrokes makes this painting exciting.



Emery, "Warped Sunflowers"  
It must've been windy the day this was painted.  It is wild with abandon with just one area of bright undiluted yellow in the upper right to give the eye a rest. Brilliant!