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After driving up many dead end roads, I finally arrived at Grand Haven. I had been looking for Port Onieda without success. But when I arrived in this historic village, I was absolutely enamored with nearly everything I saw. I ended up wandering for nearly 40 minutes and settled on this view these buildings in profile. I loved the sense of repetition and how they were just barely emerging from small hill in the foreground.

Something about it really did remind me of a bygone era. There was a sense of solitude and a slight hint old memories drifting in the air. This is the same town where they would send the lifeboats out to rescue wayward sailors. Hence the title “safe haven“
In the background, you could hear children playing on the beach even that felt like it embodied both the past and the present.
There’s a very special spirit to this place, and I know that I will return again and again.

Artist Name
Elizabeth Pollie
Glen Haven
12 inches, excluding frame
13 inches, excluding frame
Frame Color
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