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PGT 2024 Painting
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I had started painting a dad fishing with his three kids when it started to rain. The rain was too heavy to paint in, so I packed my gear up as quickly as I could and retreated to my car just in time to avoid what turned into torrential rain. As I sat there in the car, I admired the beauty of the storm and decided that I should try to capture it. It was a challenge to set up my painting inside the car, but I sort of managed to get something rigged up and I started painting. About 10 minutes in, the rain stopped as abruptly as it had started, so I moved outside and resumed painting. The puddles and atmosphere faded away and I was left with just my memory of the brief scene which I tried to capture for the next hour or so.

Artist Name
Kristian Matthews
Just outside Fishtown
12 inches, excluding frame
9 inches, excluding frame
Frame Color
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Sudden Downpour