Steve Griggs

About the Artist
Based in
Centennial, CO

It started with the gift of tube watercolor paints from his mother when he was in elementary school. Later a degree in Studio Art from Michigan State University and attendance at Art Center College of Design developed Steve Griggs’s innate talent into superb technical skills. Ultimately, that little gift from his mother lead to a lifetime of mastering watercolor and the creation of scenes that divulge hints, suggestions and possibilities versus stark reality.

Steve paints places, but not just places he sees, rather those he feels and hopes will lead each viewer down their own path, evoking individual memories of how one felt while enveloped in a similar scene. Narrating these stores are loose washes of color, hints of variegated texture, and emotion.

With his unique, loose painting style, Steve’s paintings have been juried into a variety of national and international exhibitions and regularly win awards. Steve loves to guide other artists in learning to paint in his free and expressive style and he is a popular workshop instructor and exhibition juror. Steve and his partner, Sue, have also written numerous articles for publication in Watercolor Artist and The Artist Magazine (published in the UK).

Steve has gallery representation with Mirada Fine Art in Indian Hills, Colorado; Twisted Fish Gallery in Elk Rapids, Michigan; J Petter Galleries in Douglas, Michigan; and Five3Gallery in Laguna Beach, California.

Steve will teach a workshop at Crooked Tree Arts Center on August 12-13: "You Can't Ruin a Watercolor"