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PGT 2024 Painting
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I made this painting over three afternoons on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I encountered this backyard with two large oak trees while driving around the central neighborhoods. Initially I considered painting a portrait of one of the trees but while walking around it with a viewfinder I found this pulled back perspective much more interesting. I was able to block in most of the painting and describe the architecture along the horizon by the end of the first session. The next two days I focused on trying to convey the dappled light I observed in the lawn and how the light morphed organically into different shapes. Over time the painting became layered in many atmospheric passes of impressionistic color. I followed that process to the end of the session on Wednesday and fell in love with the dramatic perspective from foreground to background. I liked painting here because I was in the shade during the hottest afternoons of the week but also because it was in the middle of an active neighborhood. There was a constant flow of cars driving by and residents walking around. I had memorable interactions with locals including Matt, a bike riding construction dude, who lives in this block and shared the name of the family who painted the waves on the wall. He also mentioned that he had his first kiss while sitting on that wall many years ago. Those stories make this wall so much more than just a stack of painted blocks. It was a great experience getting to make this painting.

Artist Name
Hector Acuna
Oak St and Seventh St
Oil, handmade linen panel handmade frame
24 inches, excluding frame
24 inches, excluding frame
Frame Color
Warm Black
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The Bageris Wave Wall Keeps Dancing Sunlight and First Kisses