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PGT 2024 Painting
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I drove along Montague Road a few times this week and one evening I had time to find a view for a sunset painting. I eventually came to this field with scattered hay bales catching the raking light from the sun. The scene reminded me of some of my favorite Monet Haystack paintings. I approached the process with the goal of simplifying the view into its basic shapes and color relationships. As I continued painting I found myself drawn to the subtle shifts in temperature particularly in the shadows which appeared warm and cool simultaneously. The nuances of color in the sky were a lot of fun to mix and try to convey. This was a very enjoyable alla prima painting.

Artist Name
Hector Acuna
Montague Road Old Mission Peninsula
Oil, handmade linen panel, handmade fram
7 inches, excluding frame
5 inches, excluding frame
Frame Color
Warm Black
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West Arm From Montague Road***SOLD***