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2024 Artist Name
PGT 2024 Painting
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I painted this view behind some of the buildings on Union St in downtown Traverse City during three evenings. I started the painting on Tuesday when the sunset left a vivid orange glow on the buildings. The cast shadows from neighboring buildings created interesting shapes and color interactions that I blocked in the first night. The next two sessions were under less colorful skies but I worked to describe the textures, shapes, and details in other areas. The tagged graffiti on the dumpster in the foreground became a focal point as I continued to work on the painting. I liked how cryptic the text was in person and seeing them as abstract marks of color was a fun exercise. The divide between light and shadow on the building and doorway has become the main point of interpretation for me now that I’ve viewed the finished painting.

Artist Name
Hector Acuna
Downtown Traverse City near Union St behind Millie and Pepper
Oil, handmade linen panel handmade frame
8 inches, excluding frame
24 inches, excluding frame
Frame Color
Warm Black
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