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PGT 2024 Painting
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I proudness this view after hours of driving around Old Mission Peninsula. The break in the trees that revealed a small horizon of the East Arm Grand Traverse Bay caught my eye. The large shapes of the trees and shadows became the driving force for how I wanted to compose the painting. From there I spent most of the process trying to convey the character of each tree and the subtleties of color and texture in the field. I started the painting in the morning on Tuesday and then returned to finish it on Wednesday at the same time. I met a new plein air painter from Detroit on Tuesday named June who joined me on Wednesday while I worked on the painting. June painted a similar view with watercolors. While we were painting a woodworker named Pete, who has a shop down the street, came to see our work and shared some of his personal history with this area. Both mornings were lovely with warm breezes blowing through the fields.

Artist Name
Hector Acuna
Craig Road on Old Mission Peninsula
Oil, handmade linen panel handmade frame
12 inches, excluding frame
12 inches, excluding frame
Frame Color
Warm Black
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East Arm From Craig Road***SOLD***