Thomas Moberg

Thomas Moberg

About the Artist
Based in
Iowa City, IA

Thomas Moberg is a painter and jewelry designer from central Wisconsin and recently relocated to Iowa City, Iowa. In 2018, he graduated with a BFA in 2D visual art from the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, where he focused primarily on figurative oil painting, life drawing, and portraiture. Shortly after graduation, his father was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and Thomas moved back home to be his caretaker. While home, his paintings shifted from portraiture to rhythmically abstracted plein air paintings of landscapes seen along his grade school bus route.

After his father’s passing in 2019, Thomas stepped in to help his mother run their family business, The Northwoods Goldsmith, where he began apprenticing as a metalsmith and jewelry designer. After three years of collaboration and learning, they closed down the shop, divided the tools, and Thomas relocated to Iowa City where he is now a freelance jewelry designer and painter.

Thomas has been in multiple exhibitions with the Center for the Visual Arts in Wausau, WI, and has been a returning artist-in-residence with The Heist in Ripon, WI since November of 2021. His work was most recently exhibited at the Yellowstone Art Museum and the Valdosta National Exhibition at the Dedo Maranville Gallery in Georgia.



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